Intelligent Golf Performance

'Intelligent Golf Performance' - a phrase that embodies our desire to approach golf in a new way.

Traditionally players have sought advice from a coach, a biomechanics or exercise and performance coach and sports injury healthcare professional all separately. There was usually little or no cross talk between these different fields of expertise and this resulted in a fragmented approach, which often did little to improve a player’s game.

The Intelligent Golf Performance philosophy we have at Precision Golf is to combine all of these areas of expertise and to encourage cross talk and overlap to ensure that all experts are working in a unified manner to maximise a golfer’s improvement and love of the game.

Stuart Cartwright, a leading golf coach to amateurs and European Tour professionals and Stuart Robinson, a chiropractor and expert in golf biomechanics and performance training, have teamed up enabling all coaching, physical training and injury treatment options to be covered to provide a service we feel is unique in this respect. By harnessing these areas of expertise we believe we can help every golfer in their quest for game improvement.

Our Services Include

To improve your ability to repeatedly deliver a club head at the point of contact that lowers your score on the golf course

A radar to measure the real ingredients that make up a good golf swing the naked eye can not see. £80 per hour (Trackman and Video Analysis)

Changing movement patterns that are sympathetic to the anatomy and golf ball, that the player can see and enhance Trackman numbers.

Movement that embraces the strength and weaknesses of any given individual, maximising the players ability to change.

Any change needs retraining to get the player away from the technique stage of the improvement cycle, ready for the golf course. Training programs are key to this process.

Measuring your on course performance allows us to improve the weakest areas of your game, also measuring the strengths. Helping to gain confidence.

Improving physical performance.

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